The Look:

For this week's look, we were inspired by the lovely weeping willow tree and its movement. The green sweater helps accent the feeling of nature we were surrounded by. The playful cheetah print skirt also picks up on the colors of the setting, as well as the tones of the jewelry. Our new 14 Karat Lariat Diamond and Onyx Necklace mimics the movement of the tree’s flowing branches. The intense gold layers of this overall styled look picks up and highlights the golden hues of autumn. Let's move forward to get a deeper point of view for each of the individual layer! 

1. The Neck

For the neck stack we kept it easy, while still incorporating the lively feel we got from the weeping willow trees. The colors of the sweater has a slight brown undertone which provides a powerful contrast, giving the necklaces a playful pop. For this look, we used the 14 Karat Lariat Diamond and Onyx Necklace for the bottom layer since it is the heavier piece.
For the top layer we used a best selling All The Way Yellow Gold 14 Karat Diamond Tennis Necklace. This tennis necklace is a must have in your life. It can seamlessly be incorporated into any look, and who doesn't love a little dose of diamonds for everyday?!

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2. The Wrist

This wrist is so charming, with all of the different golds and diamonds it makes for one special stack! The new 18 Karat Yellow Gold .75cts Diamond Hinge Bracelet is a simple design that fits nicely into any stack. The next bracelet in this wrist is the 14 Karat Yellow Gold Pear Diamond Hinge Bracelet. This bracelet has high polished gold hardware with a perfectly full cut pear diamond in the center. After the pear bracelet, we have the 14 Karat Gold Curb Link Diamond Bracelet. You cannot go wrong with this bracelet and it is one of our all time top sellers. Lastly, we have the 14 Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Burst Hinge Bracelet. This bracelet also is high polished, so it goes well with other bracelets seamlessly. All of these bracelets are easy to add into your own stack to wear everyday!

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It's always best to finish your look with some beautiful rings. This week we picked some rings we found to be in harmony with the feeling that the weeping willow gives off. The beautiful 14 Karat Gold Dome 12mm Ring catches attention and offers a bold statement, just like a weeping willow! The origin of the dome ring dates back decades ago and the look still remains timeless! Back in the 50’s and 60’s, dome rings were quite popular cocktail rings, whether they had designs or just the sleek solid gold. This ring is making a total comeback and everyone needs to get themselves one of these essential stacker pieces!  We paired the dome ring with our new 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Pear Twist Ring. The twist ring gives off an illusion that you are wearing two dome rings stacked together. The twist ring can also symbolize balance, as the design seems to mirror itself. The unique pear design offers some movement to the look and it is overall a very clean aesthetic. 

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