Mothers Day Gift List

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to think about how to show your appreciation for that special mom in your life. Here are Rachel's top suggestions at every price point.
1: THE PYRITE SEVEN WRAP: $375 - ‘Go for the gold’ is her trademark. She strives for you to be nothing less than extraordinary. Above all she wants you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Somehow she always ends up having fun with you along the way.
2: YOUR DESIGN, BUILD A CUSTOM BRACELET: $75 - The mom who’s one of a kind and has her own sense of sparkle. She’s a lucky charm. Whenever you’re with her something good always happens. Her love is unique and irreplaceable.
3: DIAMOND CUFF BRACELET: $680 - The stacking mom, she juggles it all while wearing a stack of bracelets on her wrist. The star of the show. Her motto is “Shoot for the stars, or else you’ll end up in the dirt”. Whatever the question, she always has the right answer.
4: VINTAGE U.S. COIN CARVED HEART:  $575 - The Collector, she loves history and taking photos to cherish all memories. Her love is not only felt through warm hugs. It is shown through her actions, words, and tender tone. 
5: DIAMOND SLIDE HEART PENDANT: $4,500 - She wears her heart around her neck because she’s not afraid to show her affection. Love is her best attribute. Her affection is unconditional. No one loves you more in the world than her.
6: EVIL EYE PROTECTION BRACELET:  $75 - Whatever the circumstance, she always has the answers to life’s questions. You’re convinced she’s psychic. You go to her when you need to clear your mind. She helps you narrow your focus so you can accomplish your dreams. She’s your protector. 
7: CUBIC ZIRCONIA STUDS: $595 The classic mom, who knows the basics of always being there. The safety net and your most familiar place in life.
8: THE HEART TRIPLE WRAP: $150 The most calming and nurturing person you’ve ever met. Whenever you see her she greets you with warm hugs. Her soul is soft and kind. She’s always there for you. Whenever you’re feeling down, she lifts you up in a matter of minutes.
9: TOP SELLING HOOPS: $795 - The artistic mom. Simple, elegant, yet groundbreaking. Her style is unique and tasteful. No one else has it and no one can replicate her.
10: CLASSIC SLIDING PENDANT: $150 -The center of attention. But, her world only revolves around you. She’s daring and over the top, yet the most charismatic and considerate person you’ve ever met.
11: TIMELESS CUBIC ZIRCONIA NECKLACE: $195 - The edgy mom. Whatever it takes to get you where you want to be she’ll do it. She will move mountains to make your world go round. 
12: GOLDEN BUTTERFLY BRACELET: $75 -The earth mom. She gives wings to fly. She’s your butterfly because she’s always hovering above you to watch over you. She always has your best interest and uttermost support.
We hope our blog gave you some inspiration for your Mom - or the mom's in your life! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day from everyone here at Rachel Lynn Chicago!
Order by: May 8th to make sure your gift arrives by Mother's Day!

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