Graduation Gift List


It seemed like yesterday when they walked into the first day of school, but now they’re graduating. Time flies. And with graduation season approaching, there’s only a little time left to purchase your beloved graduate something special. Here’s a list that has something perfect for every graduate.

1. The Cubic Zirconia Necklace: $195 The showy sophisticated student. The cubic zirconia gems on this necklace sparkle to match her sense of confidence. 

2. Cubic Zirconia Studs: $595 Dazzling and determined. Only a few get to appreciate her shine.

3. Pyrite Triple Wrap: $150 The star. She always achieved greatness. Every time she set her mind to it she shined. 

4. Men's Bracelet: $175 Grounding, he’s the student his peers would go to for advice. He’s subtle yet bold, simultaneously.

5. The Seven Wrap:  $375 Her head is full of lavender dreams. She has the world wrapped around her wrist. Even though she’s a dreamer, she’s grounded in her core.

6. The Choker Necklace: $100 Naturally, she’s in the midst of it all. Everyone loves her kind-hearted charm. Her elegance speaks louder than words.

7: Single Beaded Bracelet: $75 Your butterfly. She’s learned to fly in any environment. Her wistful wings will carry her into her future, wherever it takes her.

8. Petite Pendant: $150 Observant. Her personality is simple yet intricate. The kind of person who goes with the flow, and can somehow blend in and stand out in any environment.

8a. Silver Halo 8b. Yellow Hamsa 8c. Rose Sunburst

Your graduate has grown so much. You should get them something that shows how much you appreciate their courage. Whether you buying for your daughter, son, cousin, grandchild, or friend, we hope to have inspired you to find something perfect for each individual. Happy Shopping!

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