RLC Weekly 10.24

The Look:

This week we were inspired by delicate diamond layers. We paired a dreamy feather top with a monochromatic matching soft buttery leather skirt. We wanted the mix of white and yellow gold to pop against this soft hued look. Mixing tones of white and yellow gold are Rachel's current go-to because of the versatility! See how we paired each element together for this weeks look!

1. The Neck

This neck just has our hearts melting! Paired in this weeks look are two of our most lust-worthy in stock necklaces. Both necklaces are designs that women of Aspen simply go crazy for! The Bezel Tennis Heart Necklace is a true masterpiece. This necklace features thirty-three custom cut heart shaped diamonds that are each individually set in a gold bezel setting. They are very slightly graduated halfway up the neck and totaling 8ctw. This extraordinary necklace is paired with another incredible piece of art: The Mosaic Diamond Pendant. This pendant is also made with custom cut diamonds, specifically for the arrangement of the emerald shape. Nine total diamonds fit together perfectly to create what appears to be a 5 carat single emerald diamond. Seamless crafted, the sparkle that radiates from each diamond truly enchants any viewer of this delicate layer. What's more, is that this pendant alone is effortlessly elegant for everyday wear. 

diamond tennis necklace aspen

2. The Wrist

The wrist this week is Rachel's absolute favorite combination at the moment. The mixing of yellow and white gold here is a true testament that every woman could mix their metals. This wrist is a combination of only three different designs but with the mixing of metals you end up with such an interesting style. This stack is also made up of two very top sellers: The Blake Bracelet ( Named after Rachel's 6 year old daughter Blake ) and our coveted Stretch Tennis Bracelets. Our stretch tennis bracelets are the perfect piece to start with or add to any jewelry wardrobe. They come in a variety of styles and metals that can be shopped online or in store. Perks of this bracelet? You can't feel it on your wrist, its nearly impossible to loose and its incredibly easy to put on by yourself!

Tennis Bracelets Aspen


The final elements of this look are two statement rings. First, The pave dome ring is something timeless enough to have in ones collection for a lifetime. A ring you would traditionally see as an anniversary piece worn on the ring finger; here we styled it on the middle finger to add more of a fashion edge. Adding to this look; and to match the Heart Tennis Necklace, we chose to add in our Spiral Heart Ring. This ring is the perfect balance in any two-tone look. The spiral ring offers a high polished symmetrically design with a pop of white from the diamond. The heart diamond is .78cts set in a three prong setting with a low basket. This setting allows the stunning faceting of the diamond really pop and have a floating appearance on the finger. Très magnifique!

jewelry in aspen