The Look:

This weeks casual look is all about Fall Layers. It tones down diamonds with denim for everyday. This style embodies different colored metals, diamonds and charms. It also highlights one of our in-house, patent pending designs: The RLC Seven Wrap. The concept of this look was to showcase casual denim with jewelry that can be worn effortlessly! Diamonds can indeed be paired with charms and denim. Keep reading to see how to easily style your diamonds and charms into your everyday look.

1. The Neck

This look is all about layering. We love to mix different chains with charms and our best selling tennis necklaces!  The 24 Karat Yellow Gold Charm that is attached to the white gold tennis necklace brings out a stunning contrast. The diamond in the center of the charm helped bring this special two-toned layer together. Our charms are all unique in their own ways, this specific charm is engraved with a spiral design, and has the perfect balance of heirloom appeal and symmetry. The two different chains in this layer are the Yellow Gold Filled Paperclip chain and our White Gold and Pave Diamond chain. The everyday Tennis Necklace is such a timeless piece, and you can never go wrong with pairing a classic tennis necklace with any outfit, yes, even jeans!

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2. The Wrist

The wrist this week is super easy to incorporate into your everyday look. These items are the Pyrite Seven Wrap paired with our clients favorite: Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet. To add an extra flare of diamonds we mixed in this easy to pair Flat Top Cuff Diamond Bracelet. The mixing of metals is a big key detail for this week's look. For starters, the Seven Wrap beaded bracelet, a patent pending design by Rachel is a very easy, and tasteful way to fill up your stack. This multi-functional piece is hand beaded in house and can also be worn as a necklace!  These three bracelets; while all very unique, create a unique stack together that any women would love!

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Each ring in this thoughtful stack goes hand in hand with the neck layer of this week. As we continued to mix metals, the rings we chose match this concept beautifully. The White Gold Chain Ring matches with the Diamond Chain necklace seamlessly. The White Gold Pave Band pairs well with the pave trend throughout the wrist. The Yellow Gold Spiral Ring brings out the Gold Filled Paperclip Chain and Seven Wrap Bracelet. All of the metal mixing and diamond settings are in correlation with each other to create an easy and effortless matched look. Stop by our Aspen Boutique to find the next piece to add to your everyday jewelry wardrobe! 

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