The Look:

We had a military style inspiration for this weeks look which paired beautifully with the fall colors of Aspen: browns, greens, and golden hues. The background we chose was in Downtown Aspen so it accurately represents the fall season very well. The beautiful evergreen tree strikes a pose in the back next to the traditional wooden building. The green military style jacket and sleek hair gave our model a strong military look, all while incorporating sweet diamonds. We decided a military look would help show how easy it is to incorporate these styles in your everyday wardrobe. This week we will explain a little bit of the history behind some of our best selling items! 

1. The Neck

In the early 1900’s dog tags were given to soldiers with their personal identifications engraved into the metal. These were then worn around the necks of soldiers to identify them on the battlefield. This is why we love dog tags at RLC - they are thought of as a symbol of strength and resilience. Our top selling Dog Tag Charm added here to our 14 Karat Yellow Gold Paperclip Chain is an easy style to dress up any casual look. The origin of the 14 Karat Yellow Gold Jumbo Hollow Curb Chain, interestingly came from horses. The curb chain has links of gold intertwined together causing them to lay flat and be comfortable under the horse's chin. This horse inspired piece of jewelry is perfect nod to the Western town of Aspen! Lastly, we have our All The Way Diamond Tennis Necklace. This is an effortless way to add more sparkle to any outfit. This overall stack is very eye-catching due to the intense yellow golds, and the dazzling diamonds. 

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2. The Wrist

The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring and Link Chain Bracelet in this stack brings some edginess but when paired with these diamonds it helps soften the look. The chain adds a different type of texture, which really makes it stand out. The Yellow Gold Multi Size Diamond Tennis Bracelet  brings the yellow metals together.   Next up, we have the Yellow Gold and Diamond Medium Flat Top Cuff Bracelet. This has four layers of diamonds perfectly lined up in each row. This created a more delicate look. Lastly, we love to mix metals, which is why we added our top selling White Gold and Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet. Our stretch bracelets are super easy to slip on your wrist and wear all day.

Tennis Bracelets Aspen


Rachel's favorite: the White Gold and Diamond Signet Ring has a lot of history attached to it. The signet ring has been around for several centuries and is considered to be a significant piece of family heirloom. These rings were originally used to sign and stamp important documents, creating authenticity. The rings started off as being practical heirlooms and then eventually became more common for everyday wear throughout the years. It is now a symbol signifying history, class and elegance. The Yellow Gold and Diamond Tag Ring is a great pairing for the Dog Tag Charm necklace. The tag ring is a different way to bring the dog tag style into your look. The mixing of yellow gold and white gold is super chic and these unexpected pairings create a strong and powerful look! 

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