Beaded Jewelry: We have been making jewelry and elastic bracelets for over 15 years - we consider ourselves experts! Every elastic bracelet is handcrafted in a specific way to prevent stretching out or breaking. Stretch bracelets should not be pulled excessively and should roll over your hand to get onto the wrist. Never submerge your bracelet in water, wear in the shower or a sauna.

Black Rhodium, Chains and Clasps: To protect black rhodium coating and gold filed chains beautiful brilliance we advise not to spray perfume, sun block or rub lotion directly onto the jewelry. Our jewelry is meant to be worn every day and withhold everyday activity. Black Rhodium rings are not meant for everyday wear. 

Diamond Jewelry: We stand by the quality of our design and manufacturing. With all things in life nothing is indestructible or does not need maintenance. We suggest checking your jewelry to make sure prongs are secure and tight over time.

If you are every worried about a piece's durability or have questions about maintenance feel free to contact us with any questions by email for assistance: