Sterling Silver Lion Chain Pendant 10 Ways Marija Necklace


Sterling Silver Lion Head Coin Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Rectangle Chain Necklace

Sterling Silver Lion Head Coin Pendant

Wear this necklace ten different ways:

1. Wrapped around the neck twice with the lion drop

2. Long with the Lion a the bottom of the drop 

3. Disconnect the removable ring to wear without the Lion as a long necklace (40.50")

4. Wear as a double wrap necklace (20.25")

5. Pull the bar through the toggle to create a lariat

6. Wrap around twice and pull top length as a choker and bottom length as a longer length (27.00")

7. Wrap around twice and pull top layer as a 16.00" necklace and the longer length at 24.50"

8. Wrap around twice and pull through as a lariat 

9. Wrap around three times for a triple necklace laying at 13.50"

10. Wear as a six wrap bracelet

Toggle Clasp accents the front of the necklace as well as is the closure for this piece.

Necklace Measures: 40.50" Drop Measures: 2.5" Total Length: 42.5"

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